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Kurtis Wilson

for U.S. Congress, District 23 | CA

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A product of private schooling, I have always had a sense of integrity, pride and justice. I'll never claim to be a saint, but I do strive everyday to be kind to others, and work to improve myself to reach my full potential as a person.

After many years of arm-chair activism, I have decided to "get out there and get active" as my favorite radio talk-show host would say.

As stated in our U.S. Constitution, "The preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", is inherent to natural born persons... not multi-national corporations.

When certain political parties begin to deploy agendas that put profits above the security, health and welfare of the American people, that is when it's time for "We the people...” to get off the proverbial bench of complacency and seize control of our constitutional right to good governance.

For nearly 30+ years I've engaged in mental-gymnastics with family friends and foes, hashing out the issues that plague every American. The economy, taxes, foreign affairs, and the like. But now, it is time to get off the sidelines.

Today I am ready to enter the major-league arena of ideas inside the halls of our nation's capital. With your support, I will work to pass common sense legislation that will get America back on track!

- Kurtis Wilson


It is said that Democracy is not s spectator sport. If we were to take a moment to apply the rules of sport to politics, perhaps our political discourse would change for the better. 

As a former competitive athlete, now business professional,
I believe integrity, fair play and a level playing field are essential common-sense qualities that can be applied to every endeavor. No matter if on the playing field, or halls of congress.

During the 2016 election cycle, I witnessed, along with every other decent minded American, our nation's future take a turn for the worse.  Although there were glimmers of hope, when the final votes were [not] tallied, I was stunned at the final outcome. The direction our nation has taken since is nothing less than concerning.

Personally, I do not appreciate liars, cheaters or bullies. Any political party that resorts to purging voters, balancing the national budget on the backs of the sick and elderly, exporting refugees, and manipulating the tax code to favor the already wealthy, is immoral and is not acceptable.

Therefore, after many months of deliberation, I have decided to set aside my personal aspirations, and have committed myself to serving my country by getting off the sidelines and becoming an active part of the solution. The above being, to get America back on-track.

The call for civility, dignity, and integrity has sounded and I am ready to meet the challenge.

- Kurtis Wilson


District 23 | CA

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